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Support Our Local Businesses: Port Moody Refillery

Without the support of our local small businesses, GogoBags would not have grown so much in such a short time! We believe that working together to support the local community is also very important. This week we want show our appreciation by featuring local businesses who are involved in the promotion of the zero waste loving and the concept is shopping locally! Meet Port Moody Refillery!

We interviewed them and here are their answers!

You can see me holding by 2 personal favourite GogoBags (salad bags and produce bags). I use the Salad bag in my house. When I come back from the grocery store or market, I wash my salad and spinach. Then, I store it in the bags. My greens stay crisp and it makes my life a lot easier! 

Most importantly, the produce bags are an essential for me. I have 8 bags at home. I store them in my re-usable shopping bags.— Julie Veres, Port Refillery

Support Port Moody Refillery!

Hello, Port Refillery! Why don’t you tell us about yourself:

1)What is your passion in life and business?

Passion in life and in business: We love to learn new things and solve problems. Having a retail business allows us to meet new people everyday and stay connected to our community. We love our family and our pets!!

2)What is your go to activity to relax and cool down?

Relaxing activity: drinking a cup of tea on a rainy day, connecting with friends and family, going for a walk in the woods

3)What is your all time favourite movie?

Favourite movie: It’s hard to only name one! Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic we love!

4)What was the inspiration behind opening your store?

Inspiration for our store: Our shop got inspired by all the wonderful refill and zero-waste shops in Vancouver and in other places we visited. Our customers were asking us to create one in our community so we went for it!

5)What is your favourite thing about your customers and community?

Our customers are loyal and understand the importance of taking concrete actions in our daily lives to look after our planet. We know how hard it is to make changes in our routine, in the way we shop so we appreciate how committed our customers are. Port Moody is a beautiful place and people are proud to be a part of nature.

6)What gogoBags product is your store’s favourite/best seller?

Your Produce bags are great! These are recommend to customers as they are such an easy way to start living lighter! We always keep a few in our re-usable shopping bags so we are ready to hit the markets or grocery store! We love that they are washable too!

Final Words

Well, here we have it! A wonderful local shop that is involved with their customers and environment! Do you have a local business that is similar to them? Remember to strive to support local businesses to help with your local community too!

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