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Earth Day in An Epic Way for British Columbia: Part 1

This year’s Earth Day is on a Monday; therefore, many of our province’s Earth Day celebrations are happenings during the weekend right before that Monday. Some of the celebrations are also happening next week too. Hence, there are two parts to our celebrations!

Where To Go This Earth Day Weekend

Here are some activities that you may find nice and close to home in British Columbia this weekend:

  • Vancouver’s Earth Day Parade and Festival: -This parade and festival occurs along Commercial Drive and ends with the festival at Grandview Park. There are no floats but with performers in costumes and musical performances.
  • Wagg Creek Park: – You can help remove invasive species of plants at this North Vancouver park. There is a leaf compost sale, along with booths and prizes.
  • Burnaby Village Museum: – Did you know that the Burnaby Village Museum has a Mason BEE Condo Volunteer program? Visit them this Saturday for an active demonstration hive. It’s at the Pollinator Workshop!
  • Stanley Park: – Visit Stanley Park’s Nature House and learn to weaves bionets with the invasive species of plants that the other visitors have collected during the plant pull.

Since these activities and workshops are close to home, leave the car at home and choose to walk or take public transit! Remember to bring your snacks in reusable snack bags and refillable water bottles for your water too!

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  1. These are some great to-do’s for Earth Day! In the areas I have lived there was never much emphasis on Earth Day so it is awesome to see different areas are having festivities. I also like your suggestions at the end about transportation and food/liquid containers. Thanks for sharing and Happy (almost) Earth Day!

  2. Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays! There are always lots of fun activities where I live for Earth Day. Thanks for sharing these ideas for celebrating Earth Day in BC.

    For Lent this year, I gave up all single use plastic, which has been challenging when grocery shopping! Now that Lent is over, and Earth Day is tomorrow, I’m inspired to continue with my plastic ban.

  3. I love that there are activities to observe Earth Day! It is great that there are different programs open to educating people about being more friendly to the environment. I am big on making things reusable. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  4. Nice to see a lot of good activities happening in Vancouver for Earth Day. As a BC girl myself (now a New Yorker), I am very proud of how seriously the environment is considered.

    I’ll have to mention these activities to my friends back in Van. and see if they’re going.

    Trace |

  5. Great article and so important ! I love our Earth every single day and always try to make improvements on how I can help make the world a cleaner, happier & better place! I love articles like this- so important for us to continue to talk about! Thanks for sharing ❤️

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