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Back to School Morning Routine Has Returned

Congratulations! You made it through the first week of school! How has it been for you and your family? Has it been a struggle to get your back to school morning routine back on track? For most families with school age children, it can be challenge to revert back to their regular routine after a long summer holiday. So, do not throw in the towel yet! There is still time to help make your mornings less stressful for all.

Back to School Morning Routine Hints

• Go to bed a little bit earlier: Most students tend to have later bedtimes during the summer holidays. Since the beginning of school, get them to go to bed ten minutes earlier each night until the ideal bedtime that you believe is sufficient for rest. You may notice that the children will also wake up a bit earlier too.

• Plan the night before: Instead of asking the sleepy child in the morning about which breakfast cereal they prefer, have a discussion with them the night before. The same goes for lunches, for those who need to pack lunches to school. Packing with our reusable snack bags helps reduce the hassle of searching for plastic bags and containers too!

• Independency Skills: As the children, grow older, there are many skills that they are expected to be doing themselves, from brushing their teeth to packing their own backpacks. Give them more time to practice during the weekends, instead of rushing them and causing stress during school mornings.

• Incentives: Depending on your child, you can have a discussion with them about what incentive they can receive to encourage them to get into the morning routine. For example, they may get to watch a morning show when they are half an hour earlier! Imagine that!

Our Favourite Tip

• Routines Checklist: This is a great way for everyone to keep track of what needs to be done each morning. The parent can sit down and write this list out with their child. It’s not easy to remember everything that needs to be done in the morning. This is true when most minds are still drowsy, right?

Finally, and most importantly, it is crucial to communicate and be patient with each other. One way may work for one family, may not work for another family. Learn to adjust to each other’s demands and expectations is the best morning routine!

Which one idea do you use or plan to use?

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