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British Columbia Buys Local

What Is the Meaning Behind #BCBuyLocal?

This annual campaign of #BCBuyLocal was started in 2012 by LOCO BC, founder and executive director, Anne Robinson. Therefore, it was meant to promote British Columbia’s local businesses and their contribution to society.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #BCBuyLocal week happens after these well-known online shopping days with American origins. This is a Canadian, but more importantly, from British Columbia.

Who is LOCO BC?

LOCO BC is formed by a group of British Columbian businesses. It is nonprofit and has three main goals. First of all, it does research on how to measure the development and trends of local businesses. Secondly, it educates local organizations on the benefits of promoting British Columbian businesses. Lastly, their goal is to stimulate engagement between British Columbian businesses. They work to promote the economic impact of supporting these businesses.

Big Competition

To be honest, many people tend to think about big box stores for holiday gifts. Hence, many more go online shopping.  This is because their minds immediately think about cheap deals and quick purchase. Well, it is time to think outside of the box!

To begin, let us take a stroll outside our  neighbourhoods. Look around you…can you tell which  businesses are really local? Then, as you browse online, can you tell the difference between all the online Canadian sites, local or not? This is where LOCO BC becomes important.

At the end of the day, it is all about supporting our own community. What we invest into our businesses becomes what will benefit our communities. The more we put into these businesses, then the more our local businesses can put back. Put in your customer requests about your likes and dislikes. Big box carries general items, whereas small business owners actually ponder on your choices. Search for the businesses under LOCO BC. Let your shopping choices tell business owners your preferences. Time to check out LOCO BC!

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